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Bad Company Studio Albums

Free Studio Albums

Free album cover image for Tons of Sobs

Tons of Sobs - 1968

Over The Green Hills, Pt. 1


Walk In My Shadow

Wild Indian Woman

Goin' Down Slow

I'm A Mover

The Hunter


Sweet Tooth

Over The Green Hills, Pt. 2

Free album cover image for Free

Free - 1969

I'll Be Creepin'

Songs Of Yesterday

Lying In The Sunshine

Trouble On Double Time

Mouthful Of Grass


Free Me

Broad Daylight

Mourning Sad Morning

Free album cover image for Fire And Water

Fire And Water - 1970

Fire And Water

Oh I Wept


Heavy Load

Mr. Big

Don't Say You Love Me

All Right Now

Free album cover image for Highway

Highway - 1970

The Highway Song

The Stealer

On My Way

Be My Friend

Sunny Day

Ride On A Pony

Love You So


Soon I Will Be Gone

My Brother Jake [Bonus Track]

Only My Soul [Bonus Track]

Rain [Bonus Track]

Free album cover image for Free At Last Free album cover image for Heartbreaker

Free At Last - 1972

Catch A Train

Soldier Boy

Magic Ship

Sail On

Travellin' Man

Little Bit Of Love

Guardian Of The Universe



Heartbreaker - 1973

Wishing Well

Come Together In The Morning

Travellin' In Style


Muddy Water

Common Mortal Man

Easy On My Soul

Seven Angels

Bad Company album cover image for Bad Company Bad Company album cover image for Straight Shooter

Bad Company - 1974

Can't Get Enough

Rock Steady

Ready For Love

Don't Let Me Down

Bad Company

The Way I Choose

Movin' On


Straight Shooter - 1975

Good Lovin' Gone Bad

Feel Like Makin' Love

Weep No More

Shooting Star

Deal With The Preacher

Wild Fire Woman


Call On Me

Bad Company album cover image for Run With The Pack Bad Company album cover image for Burnin' Sky

Run With The Pack - 1976

Live For The Music

Simple Man

Honey Child

Love Me Somebody

Run With The Pack

Silver, Blue & Gold

Young Blood

Do Right By Your Woman

Sweet Lil' Sister

Fade Away

Burnin' Sky - 1977

Burnin' Sky

Morning Sun

Leaving You

Like Water


Everything I Need


Peace Of Mind

Passing Time

Too Bad

Man Needs Woman

Master Of Ceremony

Desolation Angels - 1979

Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy

Crazy Circles

Gone, Gone, Gone

Evil Wind

Early In The Morning

Lonely For Your Love

Oh, Atlanta

Take The Time

Rhythm Machine

She Brings Me Love

Rough Diamonds - 1982

Electric Land

Untie The Knot

Painted Face

Ballad Of The Band

Old Mexico

Downhill Ryder


Bad Company album cover image for Desolation Angels Bad Company album cover image for Rough Diamonds Bad Company album cover image for Fame And Fortune Bad Company album cover image for Dangerous Age

Fame And Fortune  - 1986

Burning Up

This Love

Fame And Fortune

That Girl

Tell It Like It Is

Long Walk

Hold On My Heart


When We Made Love

If I'm Sleeping

Dangerous Age - 1988

One Night

Shake It Up

No Smoke Without A Fire

Bad Man

Dangerous Age

Dirty Boy

Rock Of America

Something About You

The Way That It Goes

Love Attack

Excited [CD only Bonus Track]

Bad Company album cover image for Here Comes Trouble Bad Company album cover image for Holy Water

Holy Water  - 1990

Holy Water

Walk Through Fire

Stranger Stranger

If You Needed Somebody


Lay Your Love On Me

Boys Cry Tough

With You In A Heartbeat

I Don't Care

Never Too Late

Dead Of The Night

I Can't Live Without You

100 Miles

Here Comes Trouble  - 1992

How About That

Stranger Than Fiction

Here Comes Trouble

This Could Be The One

Both Feet In The Water

Take This Town

What About You

Little Angel

Hold On To My Heart


My Only One

Bad Company album cover image for Company of Strangers Bad Company album cover image for Stories Told & Untold

Company of Strangers  - 1995

Company Of Strangers

Clearwater Highway

Judas My Brother

Little Martha

Gimme Gimme

Where I Belong

Down Down Down

Abandoned And Alone

Down And Dirty

Pretty Woman

You're The Only Reason

Dance With The Devil

Loving You Out Loud

Stories Told & Untold  - 1996

One On One

Oh, Atlanta

You're Never Alone

I Still Believe In You

Ready For Love

Waiting On Love

Can't Get Enough

Is That All There Is To Love

Love So Strong

Silver, Blue & Gold

Downpour In Cairo

Shooting Star

Simple Man

Weep No More

Andy Fraser, Simon Kirke, Paul Kossoff, Paul Rodgers, John Bundrick, Tetsu Yamauchi, Wendell Richardson

Simon Kirke, Mick Ralphs, Paul Rodgers, Boz Burrell, Howard Leese, Todd Roning, Brian Howe, Gregg Dechert, Steve Price, Larry Oakes, Paul Cullen, Geoff Whitehorn, Dave Colwell, Rick Wills, Robert Hart, Jaz Lochrie, Lynn Sorenson

Please note: There are no plans to include any Bad Company songs in our set after Paul Rodgers

left in 1982. The following albums are listed purely for the sake of completing the list.